Chef’s Side


Chef’s Side

Puri Chef’s side, located in Haven Kakumäe marina, is believed to become one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Tallinn, Estonia combining impeccable fine dining experience with attention to detail and thoughtful Scandinavian design. The restaurant was opened on June 1st, 2019.

As the Haven Kakumäe marina was designed to become the best marina in Estonia that inspired us to make probably the best tasting menu in the food scene.


Puri Chef’s Side has won the prize ‘New Restaurant of the Year’ in Estonia.


Puri Chef’s Side was also recognized as #4 restaurant in Estonia by White Guide.

Flavours of Estonia

Chef's Side

Our executive chef Joonas Koppel is dedicated to finding the best seasonal ingredients, highlighting high quality and provenance in every dish. Joonas is ready to serve you an 8 or shorter 4-course tasting menu.

We have 40 seats including 9 seats where guests can have the tasting menu at the chef’s table face to face with a head chef.

Averagely the course is going to take 3 hours during which you can enjoy ultimately the greatest stunning sunset views in Tallinn.

Signature meals




Our stars:

Joonas Koppel – executive chef.

Joonas’ handwriting on the culinary stage has been gaining attention for years, and it would be ideally characterized by the word “funky classic”.

He has always been inspired by the variety of ingredients, different cuisines, traveling and people around him. By combining new or classic flavors with colorful displays, he has been able to leave a memorable experience to even the biggest foodies.  Joonas is probably the only one chef in Estonia with the out-of-the-box creative culinary mindset.

Kristjan Kiho – Puri restaurant sommelier

Kristjan has chosen his way around the wine world, whose history goes back thousands of years. It takes creativity and courage to develop a wine menu and mix small wine yards with traditional producers. This is what he has done and Puri Restaurant is extremely happy about it. With the help of Kristjan Puri restaurant offers exclusive wines from the regions that are not presented in other restaurants in Estonia.

Kristjan is inspired by the opportunity to experiment and learn in the ever-changing world of wines and drinks. His vision is to achieve perfect harmony between food and drink, and frankly, at our Chef’s Side restaurant, this harmony is heavenly.

Welcome to Puri Chef's Side

You can come to the restaurant by sea leaving your yacht at the marina guest pier.

Guest pier information.


Puri Chef’s side is working 4 days a week from Wednesday till Saturday. We kindly ask you to book in advance.

Waiting for you in our restaurant.